Saturday, December 20, 2008

The abominable snowgeek

I have gone out to play in the snow I swear. I wish they didn't go and mess it up so it would look better. Even so it has effected me. I am going to live on Antarctica as soon as I can and you can't stop me (though I doubt you would notice I was gone.)

My mommy said I can write what ever I want to because this is my blog.

  • Guys are better writers
  • The world is going to get sucked into a black hole (they're actually invisible)
  • Because black holes stretch the fabric of time and space, Gravity is just somewhere it has torn.
  • Planets are made by lots of space stuff trying to get through the rips at once
  • It is really hot in the center of most planets because of friction
  • My room is way cooler than yours
  • People always lie when asked how they are doing
  • Nerds are smart but not social - geeks are stupid and not social
  • I am right 75% of the time. 25% of the time I don't care
Try to prove me wrong. I actually want to know what you think.

Before I read Twilight I told my mom, "Wouldn't it be funny if I don't like it because Berkeley doesn't like Artemis Fowl?" I don't think it's funny. IT'S SAD! The people with the least experience are the famous ones while the people who worked for it are....sniff I don't wanna talk about it I still haven't heard what he thinks about my view on Twilight. I don't think I'll get it 'cause he doesn't read my blog most of the time.

I have gotten a present from my self this Christmas. Inspiration on beginnings. Mom pointed out that it started when it snowed for the first time. In fact I have an ending on one too. Let you read it in a few years.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I eat novels for breakfast!

I have finished the book. Okay, the first draft of the book. And just to tell you, NO ONE IS GOING TO SEE IT WITH MY BLESSING. I got 20,935 words, twice the first one I started the beginning of this year. I want to have a peaceful, well deserved, day tomorrow but unless the world blows up I won't. :<

Friday, November 21, 2008

And then I don't know

My psychologist says I should stop daydreaming or I could never want to leave because it's more exciting in there. To late. Oh, if a bald guy asks for Pat tell him you might know were she is. When he threatens you tell him I've been waiting for him......

16,770 words. I'm getting desperate. I won't finish the book before November even though I will reach 20,000 words.

Here is a taste of what I've been doing:

They cross the bridge to the maze. They go through the maze with the help of Sophronia and Knut. The war has just started. The Necromancer and Jaelin are waiting for them. Lynn poisens Nov when he tries to fight. She joins the evil guys as a Blue Blood then kills Lugh after pointing out that James and Elliot are Jaelin's sons also. Reuel fights to save Nov and Sophronia. Sophronia gets away and meets King Hans. Reuel transports Nov and herself to a desert. She brings him around and her mind slips. They then go to

You asked for it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Thanks whoever messed around in my head

I think when I started writing a year ago that someone said, "Maybe being a writer will help you make decisions." Well, I still suck at making decisions and now I know why. I hope this will be one of those cool qoutes that dead writers have. 'In writing you have only one descision: to fight fate or love it.' I know that because something I didn't plan happened. On the first day of writing (my true love gave to me one sharpened pencil) I was writing (of course) and all of a sudden this cat, Tom, runs away. I didn't know he was going to until he dashed away. Today I was writing (of course) and a cat turns up at the window. I didn't know until Richard called Reuel to see something. It was going to be Tom but it wasn't him. I don't know who has been running my brain for the past few days but I really like them. So, yesterday I changed this idea I had had for at least a month or two. It's now about this boy who was dastardly in another life so some people want to kill him. But his worst enemy from his other life, which he can't remember, is now his guardian angel. Like all my ideas it needs work. All of a sudden (again) Richard is this boy but now a teenager (and again I didn't know). He has seen this cat (who is not Tom) in his other life. Richard kind of remembers that he has seen this cat and tells Reuel that his suspicion that he was an evil guy in his other life. That gets her (Reuel is a her) thinking about magic and that kind of stuff. I like my stories to interlock. And now Richard is here not just to show Reuel what other teens are like but to also lead her mind off in that direction. I like it when someone else runs my mind. Oh, I forgot. Reuel will find this door but what is behind it is a mystery to both of us.

Word update
Words written today: 861 Words over all: 4,609

I plan to write more today so it might be 900 or more.

All of that up there was yesterday. Today I've (it feels so good to squish two words) been lazying around. Ya know, writing, daydreaming, meshing and molding stories. I really could do this for a living if I had a year or two to hand the book over and if people read it. I like writing suspenseful scenes. I even have some music to help. I was looking for a different song but found this really cool album. (Ignore the last three songs)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My head hurts but you don't know that

My word count goal is 20,000 words that means 700 a day. I think I'll go for the adult NaNo WriMo next year because that will be challenging. I've written a little over 3,600 words so I'm a day ahead! I should have time to make roles for thanksgiving.

Oh, Aunt Velvet said I should be a librarian and a writer under a pen name. I have the pen name part already but I'm not sure about the librarian part. I might just own the library and leave it at that.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy NaNo WriMo

Yesterday I woke up and thought, 'Tomorrow is NaNo WriMo! Oh yeah, to day is Halloween.' Yesterday evening Dad said something along the lines of, "Tomorrow is when we start writing, isn't it?" So just in case you have been to some place that doesn't have Internet:

Happy NaNo WriMo!

That still isn't big enough. I need to turn the computer off before the Sun rises.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Old Love vs. New

When I was about nine (I'm probably wrong. I don't remember too much from that time. I don't really want to.) I was afraid some other book would come along and replace Artemis Fowl. I shouldn't have worried. Artemis Fowl is one of a kind. The Lord of the Rings is one of a kind. I haven't even finished the whole thing, but I am in love with it. If only I could talk to Tolkien for a day and figure out what he was like. I can't decide which book I like best. That is okay with me. There is room enough for a million books in my heart. One other book I haven't finished but love already is The Hound of the Baskervilles. I guess it's the first real mystery book I've read and I plan to read more Sherlock Holmes.

I'm not going to tell you when my book plans have changed. Yes, they have changed yet again and I still have 6 days til NaNoWriMo so it probably will change at least two more times I'm guessing.

I was going to blog about this a week ago but blogging isn't that fun anymore (like it ever was). I am no longer the 1st counselor for the Beehives. Here is the part that I'm not supposed to be super excited about but am anyway. I'm not in the presidency at all! There are just enough girls now for a whole presidency and one. I'm that one! Call me a slacker if you want to but I'll turn up my music. And just in time for NaNo WriMo. Six more days. Hope I can come up with a good story plot by then.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Waiting to be killed. Waiting to be-oops. Waiting for NaNo WriMo. Waiting for NaNo WriMo..... NOVEMBER WHERE ARE YOU? I CAN'T PLAY SPORE THE REST OF MY LIFE SO GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE! Huhh. I'm going to go read a book.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I don't know....Why do you keep asking me?

I've changed my mind......again. First I was going to write story 1., then it changed to story 2., but now I changed story 2. almost beyond recognition. It was about a girl who was obsessed with writing a book. After she names it she dies. To me it is a satisfying ending because I know her a lot better then you do from my summary. I didn't know how I was going to....The problem isn't exciting. Okay, now....haha I almost told you what I changed it to. I've also changed story 1. but not that much. All I've changed is what time it starts. I think that this is the last time I'm going to change it, but that is what I thought the last time.

My mom is being nice to me right now. She took the two 'kids' to a church activity for the primary presentation. I'm home alone but that's alright with me! Mom said she was going to drop them off, return library books, and come home. It's been awhile, long enough for me to come up with the rough outline for a book. I think she is being nice but then again she could be waiting for me to save her from plutanions who are mad because Pluto isn't a planet anymore. It took them long enough to find out.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I write

Grandma asked why she hadn't been invited to read anything that I wrote. I've told her before that no writer would be stupid enough to show their first draft to anyone. You will see it when I'm done with it. I've also been waiting for NaNoWriMo to write. Then I'll rewrite it and again. Sometime this year I'll start a program Mom got for me. By the time I'm done with it I'll have another book. Lastly I'll rewrite the first book. Then my editors will see it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

You will be warned

Instead of 7 interesting things, I am going to do 7 warnings so that I can get angry at you and say that I warned you.

  2. Instead of lifting up my book to see what I'm reading, ask me so that I don't lose my place and get creeped out.
  3. If I look like I am going to bite your head off, I probably will unless you get away fast enough.
  4. If I look uncomfortable, I am. Pretend I'm not there: It will make my day.
  5. Tell me you like something about me. I dare you.
  6. Don't say you like Harry Potter or Twilight. I will proceed to think about how much you don't think.
  7. Don't think that just because I'm officially a teen that I have lost my mind. I've been in this sorry state for a long time. Don't say that I haven't. I'm not senseless ( I'm a ditz).

You have been warned. So when my books are sad and I kill people off, I'm happy( in La La land).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why do I need to breathe?

"I'm not getting in the time capsule!"
"But you like the Doctor's."
"His is cool and yours is boring."
"Come on. You'll get to learn about the history of America."
"America is boring. Why can't we go to Ireland?"
"You will get in the capsule whether you are dead or alive."
"This is soooo cliche but make me anyway."
"Get in now or I will tell your mom."
"Scary. What is she going to do? Love me to death? In fact I wouldn't mind dying. It would be better then learning about America."
"You little twerp!"
"If I am little, you are microscopic. I'm tired of this conversation. Hey Owen, do you want to run away now?"
"I thought we didn't run away until you start writing."
"I've changed it again. It starts while we are wandering."
"I don't really want to start now. You should go learn about America."
"You're just saying that because you're Irish!"
"No I am not! I would tell you where I am from but you haven't given it a name yet."

Yes, this is crazy. Mom knows what most of it is about. You don't so I'll tell you. My history book started off with a time capsule. This history book is all about America. I don't like American history. Bor-ing! Sorry. I'm having one of those writer moments. I'm going to explain. Writers ask a lot of questions whether to themselves of to someone else. This habit does not mix well with depression. Example: Why do I need to breathe? Because every one says so. They could be wrong. I should breathe in now. I can't feel my brain. But what if they are wrong? An hour latter someone discovers you, but don't worry I'm sure you'll have a nice funeral. Congratulations, you have proved that breathing is unnecessary if you don't mind dying. Huuuh I feel like writing but I shouldn't start the book yet. I need to take a shower. If you are wondering what happened to the time capsule person: I beat her up and then Owen decided we could go.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm back huuuhhhh

Okay I thought that I was going on a real vacation so I said I was going on blogation. The trips got canceled and so I am canceling my blogation. I may not write as much though. To me it feels like Saturday: I woke up late due to medication changes, I ate cold stroganoff with my fingers while I made scrambled eggs with too much cheese, I have no school, and I am going to a movie. Today is almost like Saturday with the exception that Sunday is not tomorrow. I like it. I know what I'm going to be for Hallowe'en and you don't. I don't know what Mom is getting in the mail for me but I think it is going to be good. I'm taller then her.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I just want you to know that I am joining my dad on his blogation. When I told my mom she was sad. Isn't that odd? It is to me. How could anyone enjoy reading my blog?

Here is something I want you to think about: Why did you read Harry Potter? Why do you like it? Tell me and I will see it latter. Fare well or I will get angry at you.

PS I would have already left but it isn't raining.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I did this poem for homework. Can't you just tell that I can't write an upbeat poem?


Land of …

Seashores, oily as a teen’s hair,

Vibrant forests with retreating borders,

Mystical towering mountains capped with acid rain,

Dirty rivers flowing with poisons,

Soon to be excavated plains of dead grass.

America, Land of…

Confused people who steal for loved ones,

People who need hopeful dreams of…

“The free and the brave.”

“God bless America,

My home sweet home.”

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm sorry. Last night I wrote Things I like about books but forgot to tell you that I have reworked the outline. It looks much more promising and I can throw in some foreshadowing. I like foreshadowing. When I blog there is just so much I want to write that I end up getting side tracked from my original idea. (I didn't this time!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things I like about books

When I started writing a book (now that I look back) I barely knew anything about it. If you read it you would be able to tell that my style of writing changed a lot. I tried to write down a story outline because I wasn't really sure what was going to happen right before the end. When I was half way through I read it over. It sucked. There wasn't anything interesting to catch the reader's attention. I told people that it would be for a very patient reader. Latter I realized that I'm not that patient. If I like the title of a book then I'll read the first paragraph. If it doesn't grab me I put it back. Back to my outline...nothing happened for most of the book. So I ditched the part where I introduce the characters. Sadly, but still a good thing, the unneeded boring part was cut. That was a good lesson for me. When I started writing I didn't have very many ideas so I was reluctant to get rid of the not-so-okay ones. My sister Libby started me on this whole writing a book thing. She would write (and she needed practice like I did) but she won't let me shape her ideas. I'm only trying to help her. They are wonderful ideas but, to be practical, they need shaping to work smoothly.

Things I like about books:
  1. I learn
  2. I forget that I have a life
  3. They make me tired
  4. I get to know someone else's thoughts
  5. It gives me ideas
  6. I learn about real life situations without living them
  7. I can care about the characters
  8. I need to finish
  9. It's a way to pass time
  10. They smell good
  11. They are a good thing to be obsessed with
  12. I can write my own
  13. They are simple to use (no stupid buttons)
  14. I don't have to please them ( I choose to serve them)
  15. They love me and I know for sure
  16. They are much more interesting then that algebra I was supposed to do
I'm sure there are more, I just can't remember them. Good night. (That's a sentence fragment!)

Monday, September 15, 2008

My voice is back! Funny that I didn't even realize that it was gone. You're probably thinking, 'How did she ever find out at all?' I'm not writing about my vocal cords. My writer's voice was gone for a day or two and I didn't know until it came back.

Oh no! The magistra has awoken. Haha she just found out her early bird student isn't up yet. Instead it's just me and littlest sis (who is watching TV. Wait and let me see what it is. Ah Dragon Tales. Hum diddly dumb.) Now Libby is up.

So my voice kept me up last night and woke me up this morning. I had planed to wake up early (9:00!) because I have an appointment with the Doc at 1:00. But instead I woke up at 6:00 (no I am not going to complain about how tired I am. It hasn't hit me yet.). You know it's funny how annoying my voice is because it comes on and I space out (I don't mind during grammar lessons). I was reading poetry out loud to help me memorize it and my voice came on, I spaced out, and continued read. I was working on two different things at the same time. How cool is that! I should probably get back to school before the magistra kicks me off. (That's what you get for buying a computer program for Algebra!)

The answer for my post True or False is: False, Lynn already fell for Arty. The magistra said she would try to keep me away from guys in school uniforms. (You can try*evil laugh*) I made myself smile. There was something else I wanted to post about but I (hate the caps on this computer) can't remember what it was. Ha! I remembered what it was (with some help). Darn, I can't any more and I'm serious. Okay I remember. I don't think I can continue the deviled eggs about the girl in the car. It's not interesting to me anymore. If you want I will tell you in a short Lynn version. I need to do school. Oh, I was looking ahead on the poetry mem. and there was this poem:

Persevere [Author Unknown]

The fisher who draws in his net too soon,
Won't have any fish to sell;
The child who shuts up his book too soon,
Won't learn any lessons well.

If you would have your learning stay,
Be patient--don't learn too fast;
The man who travels a mile each day,
May get 'round the world at last.

I thought it was cool until the magistra told me she was going to add some things to school today. The Aeneid would be nice but I think I might space out during grammar. Oh, well. I've wasted enough time doing this instead of school (and I have more to do this day and an appointment!).

PS I just found out that my IQ is 124. Is that good?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I have to choose another title?

I have most of my ideas in bed. At night the house is quiet (sort of) and I have time to stop and think. Sometimes I have some in the morning. So I have decided that when I get my own house I will stay up late and tap into my most creative time. Oh, about my dream house, I'm not going to try to sound professional because it hurts my head. I'm glad my writers block is over.

My house is in Ireland (I was joking about China). As you walk up the path you will see that on the outside is white and you will start to hear loud music (:D). When you are on the large porch, where I spend my evenings lazying around, the music will be unbearable. It is so loud that it takes me awhile to hear you knocking on the door because there is no doorbell. While you are waiting you admire my flowers. All of a sudden the music is turned off and I answer the door, claiming that a sales person comes this time every week. I can tell that you don't believe me but I offer to show you around anyway. First is the living room which you saw over my shoulder. You notice how drearily blue-gray it is but, being related to me for to long, you don't comment. The ceiling is vaulted in the living room. From the door, to your left the wall is covered with windows. In front of you is furniture beyond that, a wall covered in book cases. You don't see the TV so you ask where it is. I smile guiltily and say that I can't remember. Then I tell you I want you to see something. Up the stairs behind the furniture are two rooms that have no wall to separate them from the living room. The view through the windows is wonderful but you can't help noticing the piles of papers covering the floor of my study/bedroom. (Thanks for the lemonade, Libby. It's the best I've ever tasted.) As we head down the stairs I tell you that I thought about jumping off the ledge onto the couch. You're shocked but I quickly say that I chickened out. I'm excited to show you the bathroom under my bedroom. It's olive green, spacious, and has a fish tank. Giggling is all you get when you tell me that you like my choice in colors. Next I show you down a hall that is right before the stairs. At the end is a kitchen and dining room combined. To the left is another hall which leads to four bedrooms. All of them are white and I explain that when I get a husband and kids they get to choose the colors. Above the rooms is a padio on the roof. Proudly I introduce you to my garden. We sit in chairs and catch up on each other.

Drawing pictures is easier. So back to ideas. I wrote The Wind Is Blowing this morning.

The Wind Is Blowing

The wind is coming
Go run and hide
The wind is coming
Try not to die

The wind is coming
And it's gonna be big
The wind is blowing
So dance your worry jig

The wind is blowing
The rain is here
The wind is blowing
The rain is fear

The wind is blowing
Come save the day
The wind is blowing
But it'll be okay

I wrote these awhile ago. (Don't ask me what any of them mean)

The Blood Of Thoughts

A wounded thought you once will find

The blood of which pools in the mind

Stopping the other thoughts from coming

While your original thoughts keep on drumming

Knocking the memories out of your head

Until the day that you are dead

(I don't have a name for this one)

I wonder what I think all the night long

Could it be another's song?

Drifting in this soothing state

Who is one to debate

Left or right, up or down

But I'll never wear a frown

Because this world inside my mind

Is better than any other you'll find

I Don't Want To Help Me

Strapped to a chair

I scream my own name

Why won't I come to help me

Lying in bed

I wish I were dead

Why won't I come to help me

In a room with a stranger

I try to answer what I can't

Why won't I come to help me

Maybe I'm strapped to a chair

Singing my name

That's why I can't come to help me

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

True or False

Lynn has such a big crush on Harry Potter that she claims she hates the books.

Well, what do you think? True or false?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mine deviled eggs

People want me to give them some of my deviled eggs. Sorry, they're mine (which means that I haven't written enough). My stories are too long and complicated (and I haven't finished them yet). I could try a short story but.... I haven't a clue what will come out of that bran of mine if I didn't plan it out beforehand. I thought of this beginning while I was waiting in the car. It's filed in my bran under 'random thoughts that could make me famous some day if I can fit it into a story.' (I made myself smile) Here goes:

'Waiting isn't boring, it's just.... slow. Not that I don't mind slow. Waiting is uneventful. That's it: uneventful. No, it can't be uneventful because the leaves on that tree are blowing. I guess you could call watching them an event.' She gave up trying to describe waiting. Waiting was waiting and it didn't matter if she knew how to describe it or not. Instead she let her mind wander. Being a worrier, her mind went straight for all the possibilities of what could go wrong before her mom got back. 'Someone could open the car door and drive away with me. That would be an adventure.' Just to check that she hadn't jinxed herself, she looked over at the driver's seat. At first she didn't believe it. But soon she realized she had jinxed herself. Leaning through the open window was a man reaching for the keys. It seemed to her that she didn't even think before she decided that getting the keys and running would be the best thing to do. If that didn't work, she would find something to fight him with.

How (I hate the caps on this computer!) was that? If this was a book would you like to read more or do you have better things to do? Do you like my writing voice or does it need to develop? I would love some constructive criticism. Or just criticism would do........(criticism has too many eyes)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Much ado about stuff you shouldn't care about

This year I have realized something very important: I'm just I kid. I don't need to find a job anytime soon. I need to get an education and experience. If only I could stop worrying about it and somehow get the ideas out of my head. If only I could write them into books but then I would get more to replace them. Life is a circle and I'm a square. Do you know that song It's hip to be a square? Well it's not. Sometimes I wake up and I smile because I like myself. I get up, make my bed, and take my pills. As soon as I see those pills on my dresser I don't like myself anymore. Old people are the ones who are supposed to take the pills but here I am, thirteen years old and taking Prozac. The commercials about depression freak me out. I feel alone even thought I know my family loves me and other people are depressed too. Actually, knowing that other people are depressed too is not a nice feeling. It's not like depressed people get together and have a party. Ether no one would come, no one would stay, or everyone would stay away from each other. Whatever the reason, the party would suck, wasting time, space, money, and time. I need to write about something else. I know! I'll write about my dream house for a writing assignment that I need to do or I'll stop developing my writers voice. Okay, my mansion is in China and I pay my sisters to be my slaves. I'm just kidding. Why would I want my sisters to make my bed? They can't do it the way I like it. And they would tattle about the men that come over at night. I made myself smile! I need to tell you about how I am when I have this house. Please remember that this is just what I see when I daydream. I'm twenty, a rich writer, and unmarried. I hide in my home because it is so beautiful. Dang! all I was missing was the a or I would have had it. Here is the real thing:

My Dream Home
My dream house is on a mountainside over looking a foggy forest. I can view this beautiful (Hay Mom, I spelled it right! Aren't you prowd of me? (I made myself smile again!) I've gotta put that on a shirt) forest through large windows that cover one wall in the living room.

All right! I'm done. Drawing pictures is soooooooo much easier (I spelled that right too (is that right to have two Os?)) You get the main ideas for now. I'll work on it latter. If I don't, you guys are my relatives so you can ask me at the next family reunion (I know that wasn't right). Hay Dad, how long do you think it will take Mom to find out that I posted something if I don't show her?

Friday, September 5, 2008


I've been trying to learn how to write a screenplay. Books are my best option so I got some from the library. The Complete Idiot's Guide To Screenwriting was not what I wanted. I want to learn how to write a screenplay not how difficult Hollywood is. Finally, I decided half way through the book to stop and start the next one. It looks promising. Oh, and I redid my bookshelf. Now instead of tripping over piles of library books I can look at my full book case and smile. If I could only read all of those books I would be even happier. My friend reads really fast and is smart but I slowed down when I started to write. I have realized that reading fast isn't that great. To be a writer you need to pay full attention to the plot, characters, and how the author ties it all together. My friend still writes really well. I don't know how she has time to do all the things she does.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Winter is coming. YAY!

Yesterday I was sleeping over at my older sister's house so I didn't start school. (She isn't that old, she's just older then me.) Today I did. Actually that is what I'm supposed to be doing right now. By the way, I'm home schooled so I get to sleep in, read what I want, and talk my teacher into things. Less homework, more lunch: just the way I like my day. And I don't have to worry about fashion or other teens being around me. I am so excited that the neighborhood kids will soon stop ringing the doorbell and winter is coming. Winter twilights are so beautiful. I painted my room that color. Winter evenings are the only times that I open my window all the way instead of peeking through the shade. When I peek through the shade any other time I am blinded. Too much sunshine and too much heat: not the way I like it. The faster winter comes the happier I'll be. The faster I get used to school the less my brain will tickle.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pool of consciousness

When I daydream, it's like I am watching a movie that my subconscious is showing me. People sometimes say that my ideas are interesting. I just want you to know that it's not my fault I'm a daydreamer. The mind is like a pool. When I see my mind as a pool it is dreary, dark, and deep. That is just what I see. The surface of the pool is your awake mind. As it gets deeper you lose consciousness. Water currents move around down there and some rare precious times, deeper water will surface. Some people have clearer pools (not me). I wish I could jump in and get soaked through the bone with inspiration that I know is in there. Then maybe I could ignore the world. PS When you die the pool doesn't dry up, you jump in and never surface.

Monday, September 1, 2008

One of the thoughts I wanted got away

I haven't been writing my book lately because it wasn't going well. A week ago I decided to write down a book outline but realized that the first part of the book, the introductions to the two main characters, was boring. If the beginning of a book is boring then people won't want to read it and I will have worked for nothing. So I stopped writing for awhile and read books on how to write a book. They helped a lot. When I wrote the book outline I never finished it. The end of my book is the hardest part but I really wanted to figure it out before I wrote it. I don't think that is going to happen unless I have some huge dream that explains everything(they have come back and they are really annoying). Last night I was thinking about how to start the book and I had a wonderful period of time that was filled with words to write. Fool that I am, I went too far and couldn't remember the first sentence. I do remember that it was perfect. I am so angry at myself. I should tell that to my psychologist. Things I should tell her: I don't want to dream anymore, I feel angry again, and feeling happy is something I am willing to give up to ignore my stupid feelings. I should tell my doctor that I am willing to have a pimply face if I can have dairy in the mornings again. Can't you just tell that I don't do well when all I had for breakfast was a slice of zucchini? My sleep hasn't improved but I'm not as tired. I am annoyed.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I love everyone whether they like it or not

My dad and I are different in most ways. He is middle aged slightly overweight guy who acts like a teen while I am a young responsible teen that doesn't want to hurt anyone's feeling if they know who I am. Okay, I put off the assignment my psychologist gave me for a long time but I did do it. I read and my room is clean enough. Dad, I knew you would keep reading and I kind of know how to write so if you kick me out of the house when you get home I can beg pencils off someone. You're not old and you look like you have lost weight. You are a really cool dad (even though you have Bubbly on your playlist.) You leave my favorite comments. You are too smart for me to understand what you are talking about but you dumb it down for me. You painted my room gray/blue and let Mom buy me a really cool comforter. And I am really nice. I helped Libby get a blog (that we share) and a playlist. Oh, I just figured out that, All in a Day by Joe whoever, isn't loading on your playlist. I love everyone else to but I'm to lazy to say it. Maybe later but I sill love everybody whether they like it or not.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I need a drop dead sleep

I am so tired. I was tired before yesterday. Yesterday I was barely home. When I did get home it was 10:00PM and I still had to get ready for bed. I didn't fall asleep until 2:00AM and it wasn't deep. I woke up at 4:40AM on time to hear something crash. It sounded like a clay vase with a water balloon in it had fallen. I got up to search for it but couldn't find anything. I didn't fall back asleep until 5:30AM and it still wasn't deep. At sometime around 8:30 or 9:00AM I woke up to my dad's noise. Yesterday my mom told me that the cousins were coming over to pick blackberries and asked me if I wanted to go. I said 'No' because it was earlier than I wanted to be awake. Later my dad asked me and I said the same thing. I just knew that they were going to wake me up anyway. My dad was getting card stock out of the half of my closet that isn't mine and woke me up. I tried not to listen to him but when my door shut my eyes opened. You know it's not going to be a good day when one of the first thoughts you have is: 'Oh, joy! He left the closet door open.' I tried listening to music while I waited for them to leave. After they were gone my body refused to go back to sleep. I felt it in my bones. So I watched a movie. It was a noneducational movie. I'm even shocked. Now my dad wants us to go to my grandparent's for blackberry cobbler tonight. I love my grandparents but I have things I want to do tonight. Like go to bed. Like right after dinner. My daydreams cry when I don't come. They cry because I am sad without them. I die. No, I live harder. Imagination comes harder the more I live. I don't want them to drown in my pool of consciousness. What would I live for if that happened?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Food and Books

Writing a book is like making deviled eggs. First you give the ingredients your best evil stare and say in a commanding voice: Be deviled eggs because I want you to be! That was my first approach to writing a book but it only works on little sisters when you are really angry. I don't live in a family of deviled eggs so I didn't get a good result. I guess when I was younger I thought that I would have one awesome talent. Well, I've learned that I'm going to have to pick my lazy brain up and squeeze it. No more listening to the radio if it's slowing me down. I have to look harder at things and find what they are on the inside. I am going to make deviled eggs! I read a book called Write Your Own Fantasy Story and I love it. That is funny because I didn't want to get the book from the library. My mom tried to talk me into it but I was feeling kind of...... She flipped through the pages and there was Eoin Colfer! I got it as you can guess. It has inspired me! Back to making deviled eggs. I came up with this when I was supposed to be sleeping but if you know my brain well enough you'll understand. I had a wonderful idea and because I didn't tell it to my mom I'm not going to tell it to you. I just like telling you that I had an idea. So I had this wonderful idea and then (with a few changes) it fit with another of my not so wonderful ideas that I kept around just because. Now I shall liken my ideas and wanting to write a book to deviled eggs. By the way the egg represent your mind's raw work that you must add things to. The real first thing is: You boil, peel, and cut the eggs in half. This is not so fun work. You must work. You must learn. You can't write a story if you don't know much but you can always learn. To make the peeling the eggs a bit more fun, smile or listen to music. You can learn about something you think is very interesting. Second: Mash the egg yolks a bit. Know what you are going to write. This helps when you mix everything together but you don't have to do it (do it anyway). Third: Add mustard (a problem), vinegar (the characters personalities), and mayonnaise (a cool way to figure out the problem). Here comes the part where you make the decisions. You could mix it as you add each ingredient or at the end. You don't have to put the yolk mixture on the egg whites (a different idea or false ending). Forget the paprika (secrets or a road block) if you feel like it or you could mix in the paprika with the yolks! More mustard! More mayonnaise! No bowls! No utensils! ( Although I don't advise it if you still live with your parents.) Bring on the relish! Now presentation. There's platters to chose from, basil or parsley remember which goes on food if you want to eat the food) if you want it, and you need to name it. Ours will be Bob because I want it to be. Many people will try Bob, some more enthusiastically than others. Someone will find Bob and love him. I sound like a book on writing a book. What do I know about writing books? I've never finished one. Never gotten close. You can see what I've been thinking about: food and books.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cool, I didn't know that

I was looking in my really cool dictionary for the word: abracadabra when I saw another word that looked strange. Aardwolf, is an African mammal that eats bugs. Mmmm. It's amazing the things you learn reading a really cool dictionary. I wish I had the guts to sit down and read the whole thing. Maybe after Lord of the Rings. Maybe.... Oh, if you are bored look up 'haggis' in your really cool dictionary unless you have just eaten or plan on eating soon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chin? Chin? Chin?

AAA! I'm becoming like my mother! She has a problem with words. She won't be able to come up with the right one sometimes, remember your name - I get called Libby a lot, or scrambles the words like can trash or cash tran. This morning I was writing and I wanted the other word for jaw but I wasn't sure if it was chin or not. I kept saying chin in my head but the more I said it the more I thought it wasn't right. I looked chin up in my really cool dictionary and found out that chin was the word I wanted. HEH HEH


I don't know why people like Harry Potter. I have a few guesses's so stupid and long that teens can say, 'I read a really long novel and I got it.' If you think about it, a good writer tries to teach you something but Harry Potter is dry. I always believed what I read in a book was true. Now that I am writing a book and looking into screenplay writing, I research a lot so that my ideas work properly. My favorite series is Artemis Fowl. You can just tell that the author, Eoin Colfer, (pronounced 'Owen', by the way) is a really smart guy. And I love the way he writes. J.K. Rowling is definitely not like Eoin. She has trouble writing a real sentence! I also like it when the author tries to explain why thing are the way they are or why we don't see fairies. J.K. did that but not very well. We don't see wizards disappearing into walls. She just didn't try hard enough to please the smart people. Another thing that really bugs me, snakes cannot hear so how could Harry Potty speak to it? She just didn't try hard enough to please the smart people but she's a millionaire. That says something about yesterday's teens. Now I would like to complain about today's teens. Today's teens like the Twilight series but I don't see why. I've only read the first book but it wasn't good enough to motivate me to read the others. Yea, the vamps are cool but the plot isn't. It's good to have strong characters and an interesting story setting but that was the only thing keeping me going or I wouldn't have finished it. And still Stephanie is rich. Tell's you something about teens today.