Friday, August 22, 2008

Food and Books

Writing a book is like making deviled eggs. First you give the ingredients your best evil stare and say in a commanding voice: Be deviled eggs because I want you to be! That was my first approach to writing a book but it only works on little sisters when you are really angry. I don't live in a family of deviled eggs so I didn't get a good result. I guess when I was younger I thought that I would have one awesome talent. Well, I've learned that I'm going to have to pick my lazy brain up and squeeze it. No more listening to the radio if it's slowing me down. I have to look harder at things and find what they are on the inside. I am going to make deviled eggs! I read a book called Write Your Own Fantasy Story and I love it. That is funny because I didn't want to get the book from the library. My mom tried to talk me into it but I was feeling kind of...... She flipped through the pages and there was Eoin Colfer! I got it as you can guess. It has inspired me! Back to making deviled eggs. I came up with this when I was supposed to be sleeping but if you know my brain well enough you'll understand. I had a wonderful idea and because I didn't tell it to my mom I'm not going to tell it to you. I just like telling you that I had an idea. So I had this wonderful idea and then (with a few changes) it fit with another of my not so wonderful ideas that I kept around just because. Now I shall liken my ideas and wanting to write a book to deviled eggs. By the way the egg represent your mind's raw work that you must add things to. The real first thing is: You boil, peel, and cut the eggs in half. This is not so fun work. You must work. You must learn. You can't write a story if you don't know much but you can always learn. To make the peeling the eggs a bit more fun, smile or listen to music. You can learn about something you think is very interesting. Second: Mash the egg yolks a bit. Know what you are going to write. This helps when you mix everything together but you don't have to do it (do it anyway). Third: Add mustard (a problem), vinegar (the characters personalities), and mayonnaise (a cool way to figure out the problem). Here comes the part where you make the decisions. You could mix it as you add each ingredient or at the end. You don't have to put the yolk mixture on the egg whites (a different idea or false ending). Forget the paprika (secrets or a road block) if you feel like it or you could mix in the paprika with the yolks! More mustard! More mayonnaise! No bowls! No utensils! ( Although I don't advise it if you still live with your parents.) Bring on the relish! Now presentation. There's platters to chose from, basil or parsley remember which goes on food if you want to eat the food) if you want it, and you need to name it. Ours will be Bob because I want it to be. Many people will try Bob, some more enthusiastically than others. Someone will find Bob and love him. I sound like a book on writing a book. What do I know about writing books? I've never finished one. Never gotten close. You can see what I've been thinking about: food and books.


Ken said...

Nice analogy. I can't wait to sample some more of your deviled eggs. What I've seen so far has been very intriguing.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

I agree with Ken. Try your stories out on us. I liked the analogy too. That's cool we have a budding authoress in our family.

Love, Grandma

brenda said...

That's a great metaphor. How about some egg samples on your blog???