Saturday, December 20, 2008

The abominable snowgeek

I have gone out to play in the snow I swear. I wish they didn't go and mess it up so it would look better. Even so it has effected me. I am going to live on Antarctica as soon as I can and you can't stop me (though I doubt you would notice I was gone.)

My mommy said I can write what ever I want to because this is my blog.

  • Guys are better writers
  • The world is going to get sucked into a black hole (they're actually invisible)
  • Because black holes stretch the fabric of time and space, Gravity is just somewhere it has torn.
  • Planets are made by lots of space stuff trying to get through the rips at once
  • It is really hot in the center of most planets because of friction
  • My room is way cooler than yours
  • People always lie when asked how they are doing
  • Nerds are smart but not social - geeks are stupid and not social
  • I am right 75% of the time. 25% of the time I don't care
Try to prove me wrong. I actually want to know what you think.

Before I read Twilight I told my mom, "Wouldn't it be funny if I don't like it because Berkeley doesn't like Artemis Fowl?" I don't think it's funny. IT'S SAD! The people with the least experience are the famous ones while the people who worked for it are....sniff I don't wanna talk about it I still haven't heard what he thinks about my view on Twilight. I don't think I'll get it 'cause he doesn't read my blog most of the time.

I have gotten a present from my self this Christmas. Inspiration on beginnings. Mom pointed out that it started when it snowed for the first time. In fact I have an ending on one too. Let you read it in a few years.