Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Yep, All 25

So I finished passing of all the Scripture Mastery today. You know, kinda on a whim. I'm deciding when I should start next year's.

I signed up for NanoWrimo.


(I'm sooooo embarrassed)

Friday, October 30, 2009

My slug, Turtle

I was seeing what state the garden was in when I saw some white, turtle like eggs in the grass by a board. Having watched ear wig eggs hatch a few years ago (the mother stays with them) I was interest and even more so when I discovered that a slug with a white ball hanging from it was a few inches above the pile. I got Libby (who said "That's gross"), Ann Marie, and Mom who got Grandma and Grandpa to come see my slug, Turtle, give birth. There are 17 eggs so far.

Dad found this site for me:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I started sminary today.

Did I already tell you it''s at 630. I am trying to cleaned my room. I have only seviral scriptures to mem. I now more about james. I cant mem it now. I got sugre for brakefast. Solitare it coo;. See you latter.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Little Boy -- With Dyed Blond Hair

I've only read six books this year. When I write year in this situation, I mean 4/4/09 because I started my book log 4/4/07. That 'year' I read 120, then the next: 39. Embarrassing. Mom pointed out that that's still more than other people but it's still one third what I read in 2007. I think I'll keep track of the pages this 'year'. I did notice that most of the books I read in 2007 were things like Series of Unfortunate Events.

I still haven't been writing. Well, I just did but it doesn't count. I really want to (as I wrote before, this writing doesn't count so I can write really and very as many times as I really want to) but I can't decide what will happen to my personality-less, dieing before the book starts, 127 galaxies away from home, little assassin. His song (if he cared for Gaian rhythms): Ordinary World. I have a few ideas. He could realize he's dieing and run away from home (he's older), something could happen to one of his family members (I have big things planed out for them), TDC could come to get him as an enemy or to help him survive. OR A BIG METEOR COULD CRASH INTO THE EARTH, KNOCKING IT OFF IT'S AXIS!!!..............yeah.

I know what will make me happy! I'll have a lecture marathon!

Friday, May 29, 2009

But that will take the work out of it


  • Mom has been getting me up early to prepare for seminary (and to take my new pill).
  • I passed my standardized test with exploding colors.
  • I've been trying to read more, including non fantasy. #/
  • OYAN (One Year Adventure Novel) is going very slowly. I guess I'm reluctant to cause my newest character of interest pain etc. And maybe a few other forced creative writing.
  • I'm getting close to the end of some of my Great Courses. Then I'll get to watch them again!!!
  • Lots of people have asked me what high school I'm going to go to. ;p
I think that's funny because.... well, it just is. Mom talked with me about kicking school up a notch this morning/afternoon and going to collage. I (think) I will go to a community collage AFTER I'm done homeschooling to get use to it before I possibly go to a small collage.

Also, I had been thinking about going to high school for one year. Then some girls about my age sat at a table next to mine in the mall. I'll think about it later. A lot later. I'll get some serious education at home because I want to!

Libby was with her friend this afternoon and I heard her talking about (is it laying or lieing! Is that even a word or am I just spelling it wrong. I can never tell in these situations) in the grass and be lazy. I now realize, I can't do that. I have to plan for my books and do some self hypnosis. It's physically not possible for me to not do anything! Is that bad? Have I accidentally trained myself to do something horrible? I'm I messed up forever???? Hmm, I'll think about it while I put my puzzle together - again.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The stupid Gaian can't speak

I had to read my last post because I couldn't remember what it was that I had written about. It made me kind of giggly inside. My writing style was so different than what it is usually. When I go back to read my first writings I think, 'Thank heaven, I got better.' What changes it is what I have been listening to or reading. When I listen to someone with an accent I start to think that way. I read a book in present tense for the first time (some time ago). That was just weird. So if I ever decide to write in present tense I'll reread that book.

There are things that you do that you can tell someone else hasn't when they start (what I have now decided to call) talking jerk. You should now know what I'm about to complain about and that I really don't like that person. It is not someone I know or I would have a sore throat (holly cow I can spell it). I have noticed that I fight a lot with everyone when I think they're wrong. There are somethings that I know I remember right. By the way, if a tree fell in the forest with no one to hear it, it wouldn't make a sound.
So I got this book from the library about Tolkien (hah! got it on the second try). I haven't finished it yet and have had to renew it several times. I am no longer a ludic reader. Boo hoo! There is a review of The Lord of the Rings in it that rips it apart. I hope Tolkien never had to put up with the man (or jerk) that wrote it. Because I know it is wrong. That man (or jerk) has never written a book, I think, but I hope he did after the review was published. Then he would be guilty as long as he lived for being wrong about a dead man.

Also I came up with an insult for the jerk (or man) but maybe I don't want to tell you. Yeah, not really in the mood. 'This is a blog. Blog writing does not count. Doesn't! Stupid Gaian can't be stupid Gaian anymore!' Lynn thought with panic.

I need to start writing again. Like, now. But I don't have the plot just right. I know! April Fool's is coming! I just need to find out if I need a new account or how to sign up......Bye Bye.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Let's see! What is she complaining about now?

There are somethings that you don't do for a long time then come back and do. Some leave you thinking, 'Why did I ever stop?' For me that would be reading. I might do that for writing if I forget that I wasn't doing it on purpose. I haven't been-- I was going to say 'working on' but I have been-- writing, just thinking and planning. I like it. Oh yeah, that's kind of obvious. NaNo WrioMo was good but it is something you mess up once and then you are prepared. Two weeks before it started I decided that I needed to work more on my main story and all of the others. So I came up with a new one. Then three days before, I changed it--a lot. That resulted in a blind writer stumbling around her study, getting a lot of paper cuts. I did win, though. Just not to my satisfaction. I'm pretty sure I'll do it this year (they have competitions like it in April and July. There are many different contests too.) I might aim for 20,000 with school or 35-50,000 without. It is a very good exercise to rush to get your story down, forcing you to work out (or save) some kinks.

Back to my first two sentences. Blogging is the opposite. I think, 'Why did I even start?' Also, I think it best that I don't think about frustrating things other than the ones in my stories, which are easier to deal with because they aren't real ( and I can get rid of them with a thought.) Real things are getting more bothersome. I was sick the 12'th, like really sick. It lasted one night, thankfully. I didn't go to church and feel relieved that I have just one thing planed this week. Hopefully, I will still be considered sick then.

Reading is nice until I realize that was all the author had to offer. They go here, then they almost get caught, then everyone lives happily ever after with only the accidentally push over a cliff bad guy to haunt their thoughts. The books written now are not like The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien was making a place for his lovely language so everything made sense in his well educated mind. And every book needs a plot. His wow-that-could-actually-be-out-there world was so good that his plot was beautiful no matter how simple it was. I love books that could be understood as a young child then studied intently as an adult. The Lord of the Rings is just that. Frodo is presented with the Ring, he is chased, then comes the moment of truth. A story is a hole. The more realistic and thought through the deeper it is. Yet the hole is 2D. It is hard to make it 3D. I wish I could find another as deep, as hard to get out of as The Lord of the Rings. Baby toys are zany these days. That is the only word I can think of to describe the mismatched colors and distorted pictures. Dang! Where was I going with this?

A few minutes later

Okay, I think I remember what I was going for--maybe. Children are given these toys. They are in the baby's memory. I would not be surprised it this next generation is half hippie, half emo. My point is books are not well written. No one studies how to make a story. The result: Stories that can be recognized for what they are only by those who know what a good story is. Children are given bad books and crazy toys. I wish to work on my world until it breathes. I wish to get my story into people's minds so that they can recognize the bad from the good. If that happens no one will want to read bad books so authors will be forced to write better. I also hope to boost imagination because that could use A Lot of help (Right, J.K.?)