Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The stupid Gaian can't speak

I had to read my last post because I couldn't remember what it was that I had written about. It made me kind of giggly inside. My writing style was so different than what it is usually. When I go back to read my first writings I think, 'Thank heaven, I got better.' What changes it is what I have been listening to or reading. When I listen to someone with an accent I start to think that way. I read a book in present tense for the first time (some time ago). That was just weird. So if I ever decide to write in present tense I'll reread that book.

There are things that you do that you can tell someone else hasn't when they start (what I have now decided to call) talking jerk. You should now know what I'm about to complain about and that I really don't like that person. It is not someone I know or I would have a sore throat (holly cow I can spell it). I have noticed that I fight a lot with everyone when I think they're wrong. There are somethings that I know I remember right. By the way, if a tree fell in the forest with no one to hear it, it wouldn't make a sound.
So I got this book from the library about Tolkien (hah! got it on the second try). I haven't finished it yet and have had to renew it several times. I am no longer a ludic reader. Boo hoo! There is a review of The Lord of the Rings in it that rips it apart. I hope Tolkien never had to put up with the man (or jerk) that wrote it. Because I know it is wrong. That man (or jerk) has never written a book, I think, but I hope he did after the review was published. Then he would be guilty as long as he lived for being wrong about a dead man.

Also I came up with an insult for the jerk (or man) but maybe I don't want to tell you. Yeah, not really in the mood. 'This is a blog. Blog writing does not count. Doesn't! Stupid Gaian can't be stupid Gaian anymore!' Lynn thought with panic.

I need to start writing again. Like, now. But I don't have the plot just right. I know! April Fool's is coming! I just need to find out if I need a new account or how to sign up......Bye Bye.