Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Little Boy -- With Dyed Blond Hair

I've only read six books this year. When I write year in this situation, I mean 4/4/09 because I started my book log 4/4/07. That 'year' I read 120, then the next: 39. Embarrassing. Mom pointed out that that's still more than other people but it's still one third what I read in 2007. I think I'll keep track of the pages this 'year'. I did notice that most of the books I read in 2007 were things like Series of Unfortunate Events.

I still haven't been writing. Well, I just did but it doesn't count. I really want to (as I wrote before, this writing doesn't count so I can write really and very as many times as I really want to) but I can't decide what will happen to my personality-less, dieing before the book starts, 127 galaxies away from home, little assassin. His song (if he cared for Gaian rhythms): Ordinary World. I have a few ideas. He could realize he's dieing and run away from home (he's older), something could happen to one of his family members (I have big things planed out for them), TDC could come to get him as an enemy or to help him survive. OR A BIG METEOR COULD CRASH INTO THE EARTH, KNOCKING IT OFF IT'S AXIS!!!..............yeah.

I know what will make me happy! I'll have a lecture marathon!