Friday, May 29, 2009

But that will take the work out of it


  • Mom has been getting me up early to prepare for seminary (and to take my new pill).
  • I passed my standardized test with exploding colors.
  • I've been trying to read more, including non fantasy. #/
  • OYAN (One Year Adventure Novel) is going very slowly. I guess I'm reluctant to cause my newest character of interest pain etc. And maybe a few other forced creative writing.
  • I'm getting close to the end of some of my Great Courses. Then I'll get to watch them again!!!
  • Lots of people have asked me what high school I'm going to go to. ;p
I think that's funny because.... well, it just is. Mom talked with me about kicking school up a notch this morning/afternoon and going to collage. I (think) I will go to a community collage AFTER I'm done homeschooling to get use to it before I possibly go to a small collage.

Also, I had been thinking about going to high school for one year. Then some girls about my age sat at a table next to mine in the mall. I'll think about it later. A lot later. I'll get some serious education at home because I want to!

Libby was with her friend this afternoon and I heard her talking about (is it laying or lieing! Is that even a word or am I just spelling it wrong. I can never tell in these situations) in the grass and be lazy. I now realize, I can't do that. I have to plan for my books and do some self hypnosis. It's physically not possible for me to not do anything! Is that bad? Have I accidentally trained myself to do something horrible? I'm I messed up forever???? Hmm, I'll think about it while I put my puzzle together - again.


Ken said...

You are already smarter than most of the adults I know.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again. We missed you while you were on blogation.

I liked your attitude about not being able to do nothing. Being anxiously engaged in a good cause is a great thing. We're really proud of what you've accomplished. I'm glad you're planning on Seminary because a spiritual education is also of great value. I like what Joseph Smith said about happiness (which is our end goal, right?) that it comes when we do that which leads to it, which is being virtuous etc. meaning, making right choices in God's eyes. It all boils down to keeping the commandments, which we know about and know how to do. Are any of them too difficult to keep? God gives them to us to get us on the pathway to happiness.

Love, Grandma O.

brenda said...

You can lay in the grass (put yourself on the grass) OR you can lie in the grass (chillin' in the grass). So both are correct, really.

It gets pretty complex, but the basic rule is you can lay a book on the table, at which point it is lying on the table.

Love ya!

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Hey! How did I miss this? I guess I've been so busy planning school that I haven't been checking blogs.

BTW, I can't wait to see the stuff we (oops! I mean YOU) are going to dissect. (insert evil scientist laugh)

velvetelement said...

Don't worry about it. I am the same way. I almost have to force myself to just sit down and watch a tv show or movie and not do anything while I am watching it. I always want to be doing something and I think that is better than being too lazy and not getting anything accomplished.

Keep up the good work with school stuff, you are going to do great things, I know it!