Friday, November 7, 2008

Thanks whoever messed around in my head

I think when I started writing a year ago that someone said, "Maybe being a writer will help you make decisions." Well, I still suck at making decisions and now I know why. I hope this will be one of those cool qoutes that dead writers have. 'In writing you have only one descision: to fight fate or love it.' I know that because something I didn't plan happened. On the first day of writing (my true love gave to me one sharpened pencil) I was writing (of course) and all of a sudden this cat, Tom, runs away. I didn't know he was going to until he dashed away. Today I was writing (of course) and a cat turns up at the window. I didn't know until Richard called Reuel to see something. It was going to be Tom but it wasn't him. I don't know who has been running my brain for the past few days but I really like them. So, yesterday I changed this idea I had had for at least a month or two. It's now about this boy who was dastardly in another life so some people want to kill him. But his worst enemy from his other life, which he can't remember, is now his guardian angel. Like all my ideas it needs work. All of a sudden (again) Richard is this boy but now a teenager (and again I didn't know). He has seen this cat (who is not Tom) in his other life. Richard kind of remembers that he has seen this cat and tells Reuel that his suspicion that he was an evil guy in his other life. That gets her (Reuel is a her) thinking about magic and that kind of stuff. I like my stories to interlock. And now Richard is here not just to show Reuel what other teens are like but to also lead her mind off in that direction. I like it when someone else runs my mind. Oh, I forgot. Reuel will find this door but what is behind it is a mystery to both of us.

Word update
Words written today: 861 Words over all: 4,609

I plan to write more today so it might be 900 or more.

All of that up there was yesterday. Today I've (it feels so good to squish two words) been lazying around. Ya know, writing, daydreaming, meshing and molding stories. I really could do this for a living if I had a year or two to hand the book over and if people read it. I like writing suspenseful scenes. I even have some music to help. I was looking for a different song but found this really cool album. (Ignore the last three songs)


brenda said...

I love the cello music. So, Lynne, have you ever heard of the band Metallica? These Apocalyptica songs are mostly, if not all, covers of Metallica tunes. "Nothing Else Matters" is my favorite metal ballad of all time. Thanks for sharing.

Give us just a tiny sample of your writing, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Imagitext said...

I'll think about it because you said please. BTW it's Lynn.

velvetelement said...

I agree with Brenda I want more of a sneak peak!

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Dear Lynn,

So how come we can no longer comment on your posts? What if we have something to say to you?

Which I do. It's about daydreaming. When I was your age and even older, I daydreamed a LOT. In fact my sister Lois and I both did and we'd daydreamed these ongoing stories which we called "thinks" and tell them to each other before we went to sleep at night.

So I received a lot of advice about daydreaming when I was young. One piece of advice was that if you're daydreaming a lot it could be because your own life is not very exciting. Duh! So the advice was to do things to make your life more exciting like learn something new, make a new friend, take up a new hobby, get out and do stuff!

The other piece of advice I still remember was that daydreaming is like building a castle in the air, and that you should then build a support under it so it can really come true. Such as if you daydream you want to be a doctor some day, then you build the support by studying medical stuff and getting good grades so you can go to medical school. That sort of thing.

Good luck with your daydreams. I don't suppose there's anything wrong with daydreaming as long as it doesn't take over your life entirely, which it hasn't if you've gotten that many words written this month! Also good luck with your book.

Love, Grandma

PS Your new background is pretty but the font needs to be a different color so it can be read easier.

Imagitext said...

What do you mean you can't comment? I was feeling a little dejected because I wasn't getting any comments. I am trying to build a support for my really cool house but I don't really want my daydreams to become reality. That would be scary, tiering, in some was gross, and really scary, and really tiering.

I never changed my background.

Gail said...

Somehow I missed this one, and now it's "old" so you'll probably never read my comment!! :(

My sisters (J & L) helped me (the tag-along) develop my daydreaming skills! They made entire villages along the ditch bank for these imaginary little people (very little) and it seemed to me like they really existed! (This would have been pre Whoville.) I spent hours playing there. The village and the people had a name, which escapes me.

My neighbor playmate and I elaborated on this, building what we called "skukum cabins" on the ditchbank which we carved out of sticker bushes. We had a living room, kitchen and bedroom. We also had a pretend garden which we watered faithfully! We also made mud pies and mud chocolate shakes which we attempted to sell.

One thing I learned as an adult was that daydreaming (say you're unhappy with things as they are) isn't a good idea in that you then don't spend the energy needed to attempt to figure out/fix what's wrong. Besides that, H.F. knows what's going on in your head, and He's not going to lend a hand if you're off in la-la land!

Gail said...
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Imagitext said...

I don't know what is wrong but maybe I will when I'm rich.