Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I just want you to know that I am joining my dad on his blogation. When I told my mom she was sad. Isn't that odd? It is to me. How could anyone enjoy reading my blog?

Here is something I want you to think about: Why did you read Harry Potter? Why do you like it? Tell me and I will see it latter. Fare well or I will get angry at you.

PS I would have already left but it isn't raining.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Hope you come back soon. I'll miss you. I like reading your posts. I've missed your Dad too.

I read Harry Potter because the grandkids were talking about it. I liked it because the good wins over the bad (eventually). I liked it because Harry used his powers wisely. I was intrigued with Hogwarts. I would have liked to go to school there.

Hurry back.


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Yes, I DO like reading your blog. It is like a slow chat. You have time to put your thoughts in order and make sure you spell everything correctly. That said, see you latter. (wink, wink, ;)

Ken said...

I read the first HP as part of a deal. It was about as much as I could take.

I like reading your blog to find out what you are thinking about. It is like a "behind the scenes" tour of an aspiring authors mind.

darkfire said...

What the heck. If you want to be a writer, then write. Don't get stuck on whether someone is reading or not. You are writing for you, although I know it feels good to have someone else enjoy it. Blogging is hard because you expect people to comment, and most often they don't. Either they don't know what to say, or they like blogs because they are already busy.
I have felt the same way, that no one is reading (listening). I thought about putting a counter on my home page at the bottom to make me feel better.
I don't remmeber why I read HP. Everyone else in my school was raving about it. I kept reading it first because the first two books were wonderful. I read them 9 and 11 times. The other ones I read more just to know what happened. The HP fever died down, and toward the end I just wanted character closure, like with Twilight. The books weren't amazing any more, they didn't draw me in.

brenda said...

I'm so SAD! How could you leave? Please reconsider.

I loved the HP books, and I'm not ashamed. I loved the escape into the fantasy world of Hogwarts where there are enchantments down every corridor.

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

About Harry Potter - I don't remember why I started reading it. I was probably trying to see what Stephanie was so in to. She could quote lines from the books. Scary!

The books were so different from the standard kids books out there. They were refreshing to read. I enjoyed reading them until the 5th book. It was darker, Harry had developed a bad attitude, and it was a loooong book. Okay, I think that's the one where he developed the chip on his shoulder. I also read the last couple of books to have closure. I slogged through them.

Berkeley said...

Don't leave me!!!

Gail said...

Well, at the risk of freaking you out (a very old aunt ogle-ing your blog), I just want to mention that there are real people out there who have never read HP. I'm not saying it wasn't worth reading, but life is short, and I know myself, and losing sleep to get it done with I can't "afford." ;^) I also don't care to read serials until they're complete, in general, because being forced to stop for the next one, and enduring all the in between hype is irritating (to a very old aunt). You don't care about the hype much when you're out of the loop. Being out of some loops in life isn't a bad plan.

Imagitext said...

COOL! You haven't polluted your mind with that junk.