Monday, September 15, 2008

My voice is back! Funny that I didn't even realize that it was gone. You're probably thinking, 'How did she ever find out at all?' I'm not writing about my vocal cords. My writer's voice was gone for a day or two and I didn't know until it came back.

Oh no! The magistra has awoken. Haha she just found out her early bird student isn't up yet. Instead it's just me and littlest sis (who is watching TV. Wait and let me see what it is. Ah Dragon Tales. Hum diddly dumb.) Now Libby is up.

So my voice kept me up last night and woke me up this morning. I had planed to wake up early (9:00!) because I have an appointment with the Doc at 1:00. But instead I woke up at 6:00 (no I am not going to complain about how tired I am. It hasn't hit me yet.). You know it's funny how annoying my voice is because it comes on and I space out (I don't mind during grammar lessons). I was reading poetry out loud to help me memorize it and my voice came on, I spaced out, and continued read. I was working on two different things at the same time. How cool is that! I should probably get back to school before the magistra kicks me off. (That's what you get for buying a computer program for Algebra!)

The answer for my post True or False is: False, Lynn already fell for Arty. The magistra said she would try to keep me away from guys in school uniforms. (You can try*evil laugh*) I made myself smile. There was something else I wanted to post about but I (hate the caps on this computer) can't remember what it was. Ha! I remembered what it was (with some help). Darn, I can't any more and I'm serious. Okay I remember. I don't think I can continue the deviled eggs about the girl in the car. It's not interesting to me anymore. If you want I will tell you in a short Lynn version. I need to do school. Oh, I was looking ahead on the poetry mem. and there was this poem:

Persevere [Author Unknown]

The fisher who draws in his net too soon,
Won't have any fish to sell;
The child who shuts up his book too soon,
Won't learn any lessons well.

If you would have your learning stay,
Be patient--don't learn too fast;
The man who travels a mile each day,
May get 'round the world at last.

I thought it was cool until the magistra told me she was going to add some things to school today. The Aeneid would be nice but I think I might space out during grammar. Oh, well. I've wasted enough time doing this instead of school (and I have more to do this day and an appointment!).

PS I just found out that my IQ is 124. Is that good?


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Average is 100, so it's very good.

I like the poem. I've noticed when you learn something quickly, you forget it quickly too.

Ken said...

The man who travels a mile each day would take 68 years to get around it. It always amazed me on the submarine how much distance we covered even though were only traveling bicycle speeds (15 mph x 24 hr = 360 miles per day). A sub never sleeps!

Are you telling us to be patient about the deviled eggs? I'm still hungry. Is she running with the keys or not?

Ken said...

And, at a mile a day, it would take me 7.5 days to get home! I'm getting ready to leave right now. Luckily, I'll be doing bicycle speed instead. See ya in about 30 minutes (more like 45 in the shape I'm in). Plus 10 minutes to change. Five to get the bike. OK, about an hour, eh?

Berkeley said...

Yes, 124 is pretty good.

brenda said...

So Lynne, let me explain your score this way. If you are in a room with 99 other random people, maybe 6 or 7 will be smarter than you.

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Yep, you definitely spaced during grammar today. :) I nearly started laughing when I saw your eyes half shut. Oh, and then there was the time that you looked the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I was waiting for you to fall over like the cat does when he goes into a deep sleep. At least I was having fun today. ;)

BTW, we'll get back to the Aeneid as soon as I catch up with you on the lectures.

darkfire said...

Yeah, 124 is pretty good. The thing you have to know about IQ is that it is not fixed or permanent in any way. It was originally designed in France, if I am getting my facts straight, in order to identify students who were behind or struggling in order to catch them up to other children their age. Once it came over to the US it was used more to judge than to help. If you were low then you were a lost cause, and if you were high, then you didn't need to do anything. Both of those are complete lies. You will not be stupid forever if you have a low IQ, it is curable, and you will not be smart forever if you have a high one, it just shows that you have already made progress and that you need to keep studying.