Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pool of consciousness

When I daydream, it's like I am watching a movie that my subconscious is showing me. People sometimes say that my ideas are interesting. I just want you to know that it's not my fault I'm a daydreamer. The mind is like a pool. When I see my mind as a pool it is dreary, dark, and deep. That is just what I see. The surface of the pool is your awake mind. As it gets deeper you lose consciousness. Water currents move around down there and some rare precious times, deeper water will surface. Some people have clearer pools (not me). I wish I could jump in and get soaked through the bone with inspiration that I know is in there. Then maybe I could ignore the world. PS When you die the pool doesn't dry up, you jump in and never surface.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Cool analogy.

When you die you spirit goes down a tunnel and then comes out into the light, but light that you like and loved ones are there to greet you and everything is beautiful. And then you get to work teaching those who didn't hear the gospel in their lifetime. And you join a magnificent choir. And you watch your loved ones who are still on earth going through their challenges and root for them!


brenda said...

I love the metaphor of dying as jumping into a pool. I hope everything will be clear, sheer inspiration.

My 6 yo day dreams all the time. Should I worry? At this point her day dreams are so happy.

Imagitext said...

Don't! If they're happy that's good. It also helps with developing the imagination.