Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Things I like about books

When I started writing a book (now that I look back) I barely knew anything about it. If you read it you would be able to tell that my style of writing changed a lot. I tried to write down a story outline because I wasn't really sure what was going to happen right before the end. When I was half way through I read it over. It sucked. There wasn't anything interesting to catch the reader's attention. I told people that it would be for a very patient reader. Latter I realized that I'm not that patient. If I like the title of a book then I'll read the first paragraph. If it doesn't grab me I put it back. Back to my outline...nothing happened for most of the book. So I ditched the part where I introduce the characters. Sadly, but still a good thing, the unneeded boring part was cut. That was a good lesson for me. When I started writing I didn't have very many ideas so I was reluctant to get rid of the not-so-okay ones. My sister Libby started me on this whole writing a book thing. She would write (and she needed practice like I did) but she won't let me shape her ideas. I'm only trying to help her. They are wonderful ideas but, to be practical, they need shaping to work smoothly.

Things I like about books:
  1. I learn
  2. I forget that I have a life
  3. They make me tired
  4. I get to know someone else's thoughts
  5. It gives me ideas
  6. I learn about real life situations without living them
  7. I can care about the characters
  8. I need to finish
  9. It's a way to pass time
  10. They smell good
  11. They are a good thing to be obsessed with
  12. I can write my own
  13. They are simple to use (no stupid buttons)
  14. I don't have to please them ( I choose to serve them)
  15. They love me and I know for sure
  16. They are much more interesting then that algebra I was supposed to do
I'm sure there are more, I just can't remember them. Good night. (That's a sentence fragment!)


Imagitext said...
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Sweet Polly Purebred said...

I'm first, I'm first, I'm first!!!

Ditching is okay, but don't delete it. It may come in handy down the road. Remember the story about Tolkien's classmate from Kentucky.

Let me repeat myself. About Libby, patience my dear. Remember where you were a couple of years ago. She'll arrive when she's ready. :)

BTW, I love the smell of new Rod & Staff books. Too bad for you guys! BWAHAHA (evil teacher laugh)

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

In my obvious zeal, I forgot which computer I was using. You wanna axe that duplicate comment for me, Lynn? Or should we let the cat out of the bag that you have multiple personalities? ;)

darkfire said...

Libby just thinks you are trying to take over...and um...completely overhaul, which may or may not be needed.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

I know what you mean about they smell good. My complete Jane Austen, which is probably leather bound, smells so good. I love to read it. Her books are good even though she never lets her characters kiss.


brenda said...

Good job learning from your writing experiences. That's crucial.