Saturday, September 6, 2008

Much ado about stuff you shouldn't care about

This year I have realized something very important: I'm just I kid. I don't need to find a job anytime soon. I need to get an education and experience. If only I could stop worrying about it and somehow get the ideas out of my head. If only I could write them into books but then I would get more to replace them. Life is a circle and I'm a square. Do you know that song It's hip to be a square? Well it's not. Sometimes I wake up and I smile because I like myself. I get up, make my bed, and take my pills. As soon as I see those pills on my dresser I don't like myself anymore. Old people are the ones who are supposed to take the pills but here I am, thirteen years old and taking Prozac. The commercials about depression freak me out. I feel alone even thought I know my family loves me and other people are depressed too. Actually, knowing that other people are depressed too is not a nice feeling. It's not like depressed people get together and have a party. Ether no one would come, no one would stay, or everyone would stay away from each other. Whatever the reason, the party would suck, wasting time, space, money, and time. I need to write about something else. I know! I'll write about my dream house for a writing assignment that I need to do or I'll stop developing my writers voice. Okay, my mansion is in China and I pay my sisters to be my slaves. I'm just kidding. Why would I want my sisters to make my bed? They can't do it the way I like it. And they would tattle about the men that come over at night. I made myself smile! I need to tell you about how I am when I have this house. Please remember that this is just what I see when I daydream. I'm twenty, a rich writer, and unmarried. I hide in my home because it is so beautiful. Dang! all I was missing was the a or I would have had it. Here is the real thing:

My Dream Home
My dream house is on a mountainside over looking a foggy forest. I can view this beautiful (Hay Mom, I spelled it right! Aren't you prowd of me? (I made myself smile again!) I've gotta put that on a shirt) forest through large windows that cover one wall in the living room.

All right! I'm done. Drawing pictures is soooooooo much easier (I spelled that right too (is that right to have two Os?)) You get the main ideas for now. I'll work on it latter. If I don't, you guys are my relatives so you can ask me at the next family reunion (I know that wasn't right). Hay Dad, how long do you think it will take Mom to find out that I posted something if I don't show her?


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

Dad? Hey, I'm first this time. :)

What's this about men coming over for a sleepover? You know that I don't allow sleepovers? HAHAHA.

Honestly, if you don't want me living with you forever, you had better stick to ONE guy...your husband.

Love you all the time...even when you don't feel lovable,

Imagitext said...

I thought grandma was going to comment on the men joke. And I had Dad help me with editing. The agreement was that I would buy you a little house next to mine because I didn't think you would retire that early just to live with me.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

You and your Dad both don't know how to spell later. It's just one t.

Your dream house sounds lovely. Daydreams are like air castles. Now you just have to build the foundation for them so they can be real.

Grandma O.

Ken said...

See, it didn't take her long. She looks a my blog which has a link to your blog showing how long ago the last post was.

Its OK to be square. That is what makes you original.

See you latter.

darkfire said...

What? Boys?!?
Chinese boys? I thought you were moving to Ireland?

darkfire said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for turning off that stupid letter thing.

brenda said...

I wish I had pills at age 13--it would have saved some heartache between the ages 13 and 34. And not just my own.

I love the way you count the times you make yourself smile.

Imagitext said...

You guys make me smile1 (umm, I mean !)