Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why do I need to breathe?

"I'm not getting in the time capsule!"
"But you like the Doctor's."
"His is cool and yours is boring."
"Come on. You'll get to learn about the history of America."
"America is boring. Why can't we go to Ireland?"
"You will get in the capsule whether you are dead or alive."
"This is soooo cliche but make me anyway."
"Get in now or I will tell your mom."
"Scary. What is she going to do? Love me to death? In fact I wouldn't mind dying. It would be better then learning about America."
"You little twerp!"
"If I am little, you are microscopic. I'm tired of this conversation. Hey Owen, do you want to run away now?"
"I thought we didn't run away until you start writing."
"I've changed it again. It starts while we are wandering."
"I don't really want to start now. You should go learn about America."
"You're just saying that because you're Irish!"
"No I am not! I would tell you where I am from but you haven't given it a name yet."

Yes, this is crazy. Mom knows what most of it is about. You don't so I'll tell you. My history book started off with a time capsule. This history book is all about America. I don't like American history. Bor-ing! Sorry. I'm having one of those writer moments. I'm going to explain. Writers ask a lot of questions whether to themselves of to someone else. This habit does not mix well with depression. Example: Why do I need to breathe? Because every one says so. They could be wrong. I should breathe in now. I can't feel my brain. But what if they are wrong? An hour latter someone discovers you, but don't worry I'm sure you'll have a nice funeral. Congratulations, you have proved that breathing is unnecessary if you don't mind dying. Huuuh I feel like writing but I shouldn't start the book yet. I need to take a shower. If you are wondering what happened to the time capsule person: I beat her up and then Owen decided we could go.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Every day is a new surprise. Keep breathing to find out what tomorrow brings!

darkfire said...

Are you going to wait until the Nemo thing or whatever starts to write? Personally, I think that even if I compete, I am not going to throw away one of my good ideas on a stupid quick try. Maybe I will write about something cliche.

Imagitext said...

Don't! You can fix latter! I'm going to write my mane book and I'm sure I'll do it over. It is just a draft.

Sweet Polly Purebred said...

I'm working on bringing a compromise to the table. If you have some thoughts on how to study American history be prepared to share them with me.

brenda said...

How about short stories set in american history? (Reading and writing)--would that make it more interesting?

darkfire said...

Hey, I said I would do it. Have you learned Irish yet? I was thinking it would be a while before we could go anywhere else, but we have talked about going there. Save your pennies. :P

Imagitext said...

I have way to many of those.