Thursday, October 9, 2008

You will be warned

Instead of 7 interesting things, I am going to do 7 warnings so that I can get angry at you and say that I warned you.

  2. Instead of lifting up my book to see what I'm reading, ask me so that I don't lose my place and get creeped out.
  3. If I look like I am going to bite your head off, I probably will unless you get away fast enough.
  4. If I look uncomfortable, I am. Pretend I'm not there: It will make my day.
  5. Tell me you like something about me. I dare you.
  6. Don't say you like Harry Potter or Twilight. I will proceed to think about how much you don't think.
  7. Don't think that just because I'm officially a teen that I have lost my mind. I've been in this sorry state for a long time. Don't say that I haven't. I'm not senseless ( I'm a ditz).

You have been warned. So when my books are sad and I kill people off, I'm happy( in La La land).


Sweet Polly Purebred said...

((Lynn))I still love you even if your quills are out. And yes, I have learned to knock and shut your closet door.

I think it is great that you keep a blog, because it is allowing you to communicate thoughts and opinions that I think you would otherwise keep hidden inside.

Imagitext said...

What about my light?

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

I like the 5th bullet best. (I may forget the rest.)

What I like about you:
* You're tall. I think tall is good because you can reach stuff on the top shelf and clothes look better on you.
* You have beautiful hair. Thick and curly and a restful color.
* You have a sweet smile. Pres. Uchtdorf in the women's conference said women are creators and one thing they create is smiles. I think he meant in others, but it helps to have a nice one yourself.
* You are a clever writer. How come I haven't been invited to read your books?
* You are discriminating about what you read. I admit Twilight was dumb, but it was also intriguing/mesmerizing so that I had to find out what happened in the end. I pretty much hated every minute of it.
* You aren't afraid to express your opinions, at least in writing. Bottling them up inside is not good and can lead to explosions, so it's good you express them.
* You inherited some of my genes, some good and some bad. Mostly good. I'm happy you're my descendant!

Love, Grandma

velvetelement said...

I am ignoring you as requested because you are looking a little uncomfortable right now:)

brenda said...

Sorry, those are still 7 interesting things. I like the way you gave it a theme, like aunt Sheryl's "because it's cold."

Neil said...

Is it giving away the ending of a book to tell someone what was supposed to be a trilogy is actually going to be a "cycle" with 4 books? I had a patient that didn't want to be told, but I personally felt cheated when I first found out, and would have wanted to know earlier.